Brace Fitting & Custom Splinting

Whether you require a brace we stock in our clinic or a custom splint, we have you covered. 

Brace Fitting

We carry many in-stock soft and rigid pre-fabricated braces for the elbow, wrist, hand, thumb and fingers. Because of our expertise, we are able to fit clients with a brace that is most suited to their diagnosis.

Rigid braces are often covered by extended health plans although a prescription from a physician may be required.

If you don’t have a diagnosis or don’t know what brace would be helpful the hand therapist can assess you and determine which splint would be most helpful for you, fit you with it and make recommendations for timing and duration of wear.


Custom Splinting

We use low temperature thermoplastics to custom mold orthoses/splints for clients’ elbows, wrists, hands, thumbs and fingers. We also custom order and fit silver ring orthoses. 

Splints are most commonly made to protect fractures or sprains and to reduce pain caused by tendonitis, carpal tunnel or arthritis.

Many clients are referred by their physician or surgeon. A referral is not required to book an appointment for a custom splint or orthosis however extended medical plans often require a prescription.

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