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Join the Active Recovery Legacy: Enrich Careers and Transform Lives

At the heart of Active Recovery lies an unwavering dedication to uplift and heal. Our mission extends beyond merely alleviating physical discomfort—it’s about imparting empowerment, knowledge, and fostering a sustainable journey to wellness.

Are you passionate about making a significant difference in the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation? At Active Recovery, you’re not just taking up a job but joining a family, united by the commitment to enhancing lives.

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Why Active Recovery?

Come Help Us Help People

At Active Recovery, we champion a holistic approach. While our primary aim is to alleviate pain and restore mobility, we also believe in empowering our clients. Through tailored care, education, and consistent support, we strive to imbue our clients with the tools and knowledge necessary for long-term health and wellness.

Hand Therapy Mentorship

Considering a specialization in hand therapy? Join us, and benefit from our extensive mentorship programs, helping you to not only refine your skills but also to become an industry leader in this niche domain.

Life Inside Active Recovery

Our team, a diverse blend of dedicated professionals, thrives on camaraderie, mutual respect, and a shared mission. At Active Recovery, we genuinely value building authentic relationships—both amongst our team and with our clients.

Our state-of-the-art office, based in Victoria, BC, is not just equipped with cutting-edge technology but also fosters a warm, welcoming environment conducive to healing and growth.


Current Career Opportunities in Victoria, BC

Physiotherapist – Hand Therapy Residency Program

Join our residency program and delve deep into the nuances of hand therapy, benefiting from hands-on experience and mentorship from our seasoned professionals.

Certified Hand Therapist

If you’re certified and looking to work in a dynamic, supportive environment, Active Recovery offers the perfect platform for growth and impactful service.

Client Experience Assistant Manager

Ensure the seamless operation of our clinic, liaising between therapists, clients, and administrative staff, while also helping us uphold our high standards of patient care.

Client Experience Coordinator

Be the face of Active Recovery, ensuring every client’s journey with us is smooth, comfortable, and memorable.

Step Into a World of Opportunities

Join us in our mission to redefine physiotherapy and hand rehabilitation in Victoria, BC. Be a part of a team that values expertise, dedication, and the genuine desire to make a difference.

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