Frequently Asked Questions

To our valued clients,

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we have taken all necessary actions to protect the health of both our clients and staff. Your health and recovery is very important to us and we have made adjustments to our practice to ensure you have access to our physical therapists.

You can now enjoy the convenience and comfort of our therapy from your own home through our “Tele-Rehab” physiotherapy sessions.

Please review the below Frequently Asked Questions. Contact us to book an appointment or to ask any questions not answered below.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To book an in-person appointment, please phone our office at 250-940-3530. If you are new to the clinic, our administrative staff will book you for an in-person assessment appointment. One day prior to your appointment, one of our administrators will phone you to ask you some screening questions and go through our in-person protocol with you. Alternatively, you can book a free 10-minute consultation with one of our physiotherapists. You can book your consultation appointment online by clicking the “Book Now” button at the top of the page or below.

What Do I Need To Know For An In-Person Session?

If you have booked an online consultation, your physiotherapist will review our in-person protocols as well as screen you for COVID-19 symptoms during your consultation. If you have called the office directly to book an in-person appointment, one of our administrative staff will call you the day before your appointment to review our in-person protocols as well as screen you for COVID-19 symptoms. We require all clients and staff to wear a mask for in-person sessions and we also require hand washing at the beginning and end of treatment. We have a touch less sink and many hand sanitizer stations throughout the clinic.

What is "Telerehab" Physiotherapy?

Telerehab is a one-to-one virtual session with your physiotherapist. A secure link to a video chat is provided and at your scheduled appointment time both your physiotherapist and you “meet” online. 

What Can The Physiotherapist "Do" In An Online Session?

Your physiotherapist can review your history and current complaints, look at your range of motion, strength, function and pain levels and can provide many different recommendations depending on what your needs are. These may include: education about your condition and what normal recovery looks like, posture recommendations, exercises for posture, flexibility or strength, recommendations for return to activity or modified activity, self-management of pain and myofascial tightness, effective breathing techniques to manage stress, core stability, ergonomics of a home office setup, sleep hygiene recommendations, etc.

Does "Telerehab" Work The Same As Physiotherapy?

Telerehab can be great for many clients and conditions but is not necessarily suitable for everyone. In most cases though, understanding your condition, knowing how to manage it on your own and knowing the correct exercises to do and how to do them properly is about 80% of what we provide in our in-person physiotherapy sessions. We’ve always said that your home exercise program is the most important part of your physiotherapy session because you spend only 1 hour in the clinic and the rest of the 23 hours of the day not in the clinic. Those 23 hours can influence your recovery significantly!

I'm Not Tech Savvy. Will I Be Able To Figure Out How To Use Telerehab?

Our system does not involve any downloads or apps. All you will need is your Janeapp system login. This is the same system we use for all our booking and billing and where you receive your email reminders. At the time of your appointment, you simply log in to your account and click the “begin” video button. 

This system works best with a laptop or desktop with a strong internet connection and an updated version of google chrome or firefox. You also need to enable your webcam and microphone so we can see and hear you. If you can’t get it to work we will phone you to help!

Is "Telerehab" Physiotherapy Covered By My Extended Health Plan?

Most extended health providers (SunLife, Pacific Blue Cross, Great West Life, GreenShield, ICBC, etc.) are covering telerehab the same way they covered your in-person sessions. If you would like to be 100% sure, you can check with your specific provider to confirm coverage. In most cases, we can continue to direct bill your extended health plan the way we always have.

How Do I Pay For My Sessions And Supplies?

We are able to invoice you by email for your session and supplies. We can also put your credit card on file so you don’t have to manually pay each session. You may also send an e-transfer or pay by phone. We are also able to arrange contactless pick ups for any equipment or supplies you need, simply by calling or emailing the clinic.

I Have More Questions, How Do I Reach You?

You may call the clinic or email us at at the bottom of this page, or book a free 10 minute consultation with a physiotherapist online if you have questions about your particular injury or wish to try out our telerehab platform. We have daily administrative support answering calls and returning messages although the hours may be reduced.

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