1. You have to live with constant pain
  2. The only thing you can do is take pain medication
  3. Living with hand osteoarthritis means accepting limited hand mobility and deformity

You don’t have to live with constant pain.

Learning to properly manage OA flare-ups will allow you to have periods of time, often days, weeks, or even months without resting pain.

There are so many hand therapy treatment options beyond pain medication

There are several parts to a comprehensive home management program for hand osteoarthritis (OA) that do not involve medications including use of manual therapy, modalities, splinting, heat, topical creams, compression garments, and exercises for mobility and strength

It’s absolutely possible to maintain function and strength for your regular activities, including sports and leisure, especially if you start early

Having a proper management program for hand arthritis means that you can continue to stay active in your regular day to day activities and for sports or leisure with less pain and better function and can even work to regain function and strength lost over time.